Objectives and scope of the AIRSAN Project

The objective of the AIRSAN Project is to ensure an efficient, multi-sector, multi-stakeholder, coherent response at EU level to public health threats in air transport:

  • The AIRSAN website was created in order to make the achievements of the AIRSAN Project accessible.
  • An AIRSAN Network of national public health and civil aviation authorities, local public health authorities at location of airports, airport and airline management and medical services across EU Member States.
  • An AIRSAN Communication Platform linked to the AIRSAN Website was created to serve for information gathering and information exchange.
  • A review of  existing guidance documents in the area of control of public health threats in air transport was conducted, resulting in the AIRSAN Bibliography.
  • AIRSAN Guidance Documents on the control of public health threats in air transport were developed and tested.
  • An AIRSAN Training Tool was developed to support countries with the implementation of the AIRSAN Guidance Documents.

Work Packages

Work package 1: Coordination of the AIRSAN Project
Work package 2: Dissemination of the AIRSAN Project
Work package 3: Evaluation of the AIRSAN Project
Work package 4: Development of an AIRSAN Network and a tested set of new AIRSAN Guidance Documents
Work package 5: Development of an AIRSAN Website linked to an AIRSAN Communication Platform
Work package 6: Development of an AIRSAN Training Tool to support the implementation of the AIRSAN Guidance Documents

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