AIRSAN Bibliography

In October 2013 the AIRSAN Partnership has compiled a list of existing guidance documents that cover public health threats and air transport on international level. These documents were reviewed and systematized in form of an annotated bibliography. In this bibliography, each source is followed by structured general information (e.g. author, year of publication, target group), keywords according to the International Health Regulation (2005) (e.g. screening, quarantine) covered, references to the pages that contain the keyword and a score that informs about the level of detail the keyword is described with.
The AIRSAN Bibliography will be updated (expected in December 2015).

AIRSAN Guidance Documents

The AIRSAN Project has developed tested AIRSAN Guidance Documents for the response to public health threats in air transport.
One AIRSAN Guidance Document covers remote risk assessment and management of communicable disease events on board an aircraft. The other targets the issue of contact tracing, with a focus on the collaboration between the public health and the aviation sector.

AIRSAN Training Tool

The AIRSAN Project has developed an AIRSAN Training Tool to support countries in the implementation of the AIRSAN Guidance Documents. The AIRSAN Training Tool is designed as a table-top exercise, using different scenarios in the context of cross-border public health threats. It has been tested in 5 exercises at 4 different airports.

AIRSAN Network

The aim of the AIRSAN Network is to bring together the public health and the aviation sector, i.e. local and national public health authorities, national civil aviation authorities, airport and airline management and medical services. As of December 2015, more than 100 individuals have registered as members of the AIRSAN Network. They represent more than 30 different countries and major relevant international organizations. 

AIRSAN Communication Platform

AIRSAN Network Members have access to the AIRSAN Communication Platform for information exchange. Further they have access to helpful documents of the AIRSAN Project. 

If you are interested to become a member of the AIRSAN Network, you need to register.
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