Event date: 16/06/2014 - 17/06/2014

The AIRSAN Interim Meeting took place on 16th and 17th of June 2014 at the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin, Germany.

One aim of this meeting was to present an update on the activities of the AIRSAN Project as well as the results and recommendations of the AIRSAN Interim Evaluation. Further, the Work Package leaders used this meeting to get input and feedback from the AIRSAN Project Partners with their various expertise to incorporate into future work within the AIRSAN Project.

All Work Package leaders summarized their previous work. Together with all project partners, they discussed critical questions and elaborated on the next steps, namely the dissemination strategy and the opportunities for the expansion of the AIRSAN Network.

As important milestones of the AIRSAN Project the new AIRSAN Website and the AIRSAN Communication Platform including the open-access online AIRSAN Bibliography were demonstrated and explained to all project partners. One key benefit of the AIRSAN Website is the opportunity to register for the AIRSAN Network where all members can use the AIRSAN Communication Platform to discuss topics concerning public health in the aviation sector.

One other major topic of the AIRSAN Interim Meeting was the discussion of the drafts for the AIRSAN Guidance Documents “Contact tracing – Collaboration between public health and aviation sector“ and “Rapid assessment and management of biological threats on board of an aircraft or at the airport”. These AIRSAN Guidance Documents will be a major output of the AIRSAN Project and will be incorporated in the to-be-developed AIRSAN Training Tool.

We are satisfied to conclude from the meeting that the AIRSAN Project is on track and that all AIRSAN Project Partners are satisfied with the progress. Moreover, it is important to mention that after just one year of its project life, AIRSAN has developed into a solid concept, which extends over its project boundaries.

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